Photographer: Enforce your copyrights online
We help our customers enforce their copyrights and neighbouring rights in their photographs. You can report infringements by using the online form. Our lawyers will send the infringer a letter to stop the unauthorized use, and negotiate a settlement.
Report Infringement
Let a lawyer negotiate a settlement
Once you have submitted the information with the webform, we will investigate the infringement and get in contact with the publisher of the infringing site to rectify the matter.
Rights holder
Modern copyright enforcement online
Are you a photographer? Do people use your photographs online without permission? Do you find it difficult to enforce your copyrights?

We will help you to enforce your rights, to stop the unauthorized use of works and to collect fair compensation for the unauthorised use of your works. We will estimate the merits of your case, help to collect the evidence, and contact the infringer. The goal is to enable the easy restitution of the rights with a settlement. However, we will help you to enforce your rights in a court of law if we don't reach a settlement.

Easy online service

You can notify the infringements online, provide us with the relevant background information - we will take over from there. Our first job is to check the merits of the claim, collect and store evidence and contact the infringing party.

In most cases, our charge is under 200€ for an assignment.

We will keep you updated about the progress of the case with email.

Requirements for the assignment:

  1. You need to own the rights to the work.
  2. The infringement has taken place online.
  3. The infringement is ongoing.
  4. If the rights are owned by a company, you need to have a right to represent the company.


You should react to the infringements as soon as possible. Then it's easier to make the unauthorized use stop, and settle the case.

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